These days, online learning is more important than ever, but it creates new challenges for many students and educators.

That’s why we’ve designed Online Tutoring Essentials: to equip tutors with the critical knowledge they need to support students through better online tutoring experiences.

With modules focused on online session preparation, active learning, goal setting, and communication, this self-paced, interactive course includes everything tutors need to confidently create a collaborative and engaging online tutoring space.

Online Tutoring Essentials was reviewed by faculty and staff from organizations such as West Virginia University, University of Florida University Athletic Association, and Tallahassee Community College.

Online Tutoring Essentials is part of the Tutor Essentials program, the only web-based tutor training course aligned to College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Certification topics, and is specifically aligned to the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning (ACTLA) Online Tutoring Standards

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  • Auburn University
  • The University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • Mercer County Community College
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Butler University
  • Middle Georgia State University
  • Sacramento State University


“The Online Tutoring Essentials course is a great tool to empower your tutors to move their tutoring skills from face-to-face to online. I love how it provides tutors with tools they can implement immediately to make their online tutoring more personable and more active.”

“We used the Online Tutoring Essentials program from TMS a few months ago with our new hires. In short: FANTASTIC! As I conducted observations in October and November, I noticed a significant (positive) difference in performance, for all tutors who completed the TMS program, compared to the tutors returning from last year, who had just done our in-house training! I am so pleased! Money well-spent!”

“I thought it was very beneficial! I feel as if the learning module explained a lot of cool features of online tutoring as well as gave good tips on how to make sure communication remains clear and open.”

Why choose Online Tutoring Essentials?

With Online Tutoring Essentials, tutors will be able to:

  • Develop skills anytime, anywhere with on-demand, self-paced training

  • Quickly and seamlessly transition from in-person to online tutoring sessions

  • Apply new tools and techniques to create an engaging online learning environment

  • Navigate the latest in online tutoring best practices, platforms, and technology

  • Troubleshoot tech issues and other online learning pitfalls

  • Deliver quality online tutoring that supports students’ academic success

What's Inside Online Tutoring Essentials?

    1. About Course

    1. Advantages and Challenges of Online Tutoring

    2. Short Quiz

    1. About this Module

    2. Topic 1: Learning Feedback Loop

    3. Module 1, Topic 1 Quiz

    4. Topic 2: Before the Session – Opening Communication with your Tutee

    5. Topic 3: During the Session – Communication in an Online Tutoring Platform

    6. Topic 4: During the Session – Group Tutoring

    7. Topic 5: After the session – Feedback Loops and Booking the Next Session

    8. Topic 6: After the Final Session – Saying Goodbye and Leaving Reviews

    9. Module 1, Topic 6 Quiz

    1. Topic 1: Online Tutoring Platform (OTP)

    2. Topic 2: Preparing the Room Using Intentional Design

    3. Topic 3: Preparing for Your Session

    4. Topic 3a: Individual Tutoring

    5. Topic 3b: Group Tutoring

    6. Topic 3c: Drop-in Tutoring

    7. Topic 4: Hardware and Troubleshooting

    8. Module 2, Topic 4 Quiz

    1. Topic 1: Building Rapport with your Tutee

    2. Topic 2: Interactivity in Online Tutoring

    3. Topic 3: Deep Learning Online

    4. Topic 4: Addressing the Needs of a Variety of Students

    5. Module 3, Topic 4 Quiz

    1. About this Module

    2. Topic 1: Managing session time

    3. Topic 2: Setting Proper Expectations

    4. Topic 3: Asynchronous Learning Outside the Tutoring Session

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