Designed to be used as a component of your tutor training program or as stand-alone training, Tutor Essentials is a self-paced, online course that equips tutors with the tools and tactics necessary to become a great tutor. The highly engaging course includes interactive elements such as real tutoring scenario videos, quizzes, and the creation of a personal tutoring philosophy statement. The entire training program takes 3-5 hours. The course can be completed in one sitting but also gives tutors the ability to save their work and complete it over multiple sessions. Tutor Essentials was developed by Purdue University in partnership with Study Edge, with input from CRLA certification volunteers, Emory University, Clemson University, IUPUI, and others.

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What does the course cover?

Tutor Essentials aligns with the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Certification Training and counts towards 4 hours of Level 1 Certification training.

CRLA Certification Training
Level 1 Topic Alignment


“I highly recommend this course to anyone training tutors! The breadth and depth of this online module cannot be matched. From ethics to body language to self reflection, this module facilitates an education in tutoring unlike anything I have seen.”

“The online course definitely helped me think of tutoring in a better way. I'm responsible for helping the student become independent and able. That's the best lesson they taught me.”

“We use Tutor Essentials and it is wonderful. The tutors enjoyed it and it is a very effective tool to use as a CRLA-certified training component! All the modules are great and I found that it is a great tool to use prior to out "in-person" training and gives them a firm foundation to build upon before they actually start tutoring. Well worth the cost and highly effective.”

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Tutor Essentials

    1. What Can I Expect?

    2. How confident do you feel in your ability to be an effective tutor?

    3. What is YOUR philosophy?

    4. Quiz #1

    1. About Module 1: Professional Ethics

    2. Module 1, Challenge 1: Tutor Rights, Responsibilities, & Ethics

    3. Module 1, Challenge 1 Quiz

    4. Module 1, Challenge 2: Tutoring Do’s and Don’ts

    5. Module 1, Challenge 2 Quiz

    6. Module 1, Challenge 3: Application: Ethical Scenarios

    7. Module 1, Challenge 3 Quiz

    8. Module 1, Challenge 4: Professional Ethics on Your Campus

    9. Module 1, Challenge 4 Quiz

    10. Challenge 5: Updating and Editing Your Philosophy

    11. Module 1, Challenge 5 Quiz

    1. About Module 2: Session Management & Leadership

    2. Module 2, Challenge 1: Effective Tutoring

    3. Module 2, Challenge 1 Quiz

    4. Module 2, Challenge 2: Providing Structure to Sessions

    5. Module 2, Challenge 2 Quiz

    6. Module 2, Challenge 3: Providing Feedback

    7. Module 2, Challenge 3 Quiz

    8. Module 2, Challenge 4: Updating & Editing Your Philosophy

    9. Module 2, Challenge 4 Quiz

    1. About Module 3: Communication

    2. Module 3, Challenge 1: General Questions and Building Rapport

    3. Module 3, Challenge 1 Quiz

    4. Module 3, Challenge 2: Introduction to Socratic and Reflective Tutoring

    5. Module 3, Challenge 2 Quiz

    6. Module 3, Challenge 3: Using Socratic Questioning

    7. Module 3, Challenge 3 Quiz

    8. Module 3 Challenge 4: More than What You Say: Wait Time

    9. Module 3, Challenge 4 Quiz

    10. Module 3, Challenge 5: More than What You Say: Body Language

    11. Module 3, Challenge 5: More than What You Say: Body Language (CONT'D)

    12. Module 3, Challenge 5 Quiz

    13. Module 3, Challenge 6: More than What You Say: Cultural Understanding

    14. Module 3, Challenge 6 Quiz

    15. Module 3, Challenge 7: Updating & Editing Your Philosophy

    16. Module 3, Challenge 7 Quiz

    1. About Module 4: Approaches to Learning

    2. Module 4, Challenge 1 Quiz: Unique Learning

    3. Module 4, Challenge 2: Active vs Passive Learning

    4. Module 4, Challenge 2 Quiz

    5. Module 4, Challenge 3: Deep Learning

    6. Module 4, Challenge 3 Quiz

    7. Module 4, Challenge 4: Updating & Editing Your Philosophy

    8. Module 4, Challenge 4 Quiz

About this course

Why use Tutor Essentials?

  • Counts towards 4 hours of Level 1 CRLA Certification - a great way to get on track for CRLA certification for your learning center, or if you are already CRLA certified it will free up those hours of training to focus on other topics.

  • Allows you to easily train all of your tutors without having to find a common meeting time or big enough space. Tutors complete the training on their own time and at their own pace.

  • Ensures high-quality training for your tutors developed by Purdue University and supported by research in tutoring best practices.

  • Provides tutors with continued access to the training, allowing them to return to the material at any time.

  • No minimum purchase, each training costs only $20, and annual licenses available for institutions at a lower per-tutor cost.


“Purchasing TE codes in bulk saves our department money, enables us to plan for the purchase in our budget at the beginning of the fiscal year, reduces the risk of running out of training codes, and helps keep our program running smoothly with trained student tutors.”

“I found the Tutor Essentials online training program to be helpful because it covered specific scenarios that we face as tutors and how to handle them. Also because the training was self-paced, I was able to go back to sections of the course that I found particularly useful to go back to sections of the course that I found particularly useful and really reinforce the material.”

“Our goal is that the training will not only have a positive impact on Purdue students and tutors but also serve as a resource for students and tutors around the world.”


Tutor Essentials is available at the individual price of $20/training. If you are looking to train larger numbers of tutors, you may want to consider our annual licenses. With this option, we will automatically add your desired number of training codes to your administrative panel for access all year long. Tutors retain lifetime access to the course after completion.

The Essentials Courses

Tutor Essentials is part of a series of online courses designed to help college students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. Check out the other courses in the series:

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  • Study Essentials: Created to give students the skills they need to be successful in college, Study Essentials is a series of modules covering topics such as time management, test-taking, and organizational skills. Designed to help students build their foundational academic skills, the videos use near-peers to guide students through research-based best practices. Institutions can build their own course using some or all of the 30+ Study Essentials modules.

  • Life Essentials: Preparing for the future is about more than academic success. Life Essentials is a series of modules designed to help students navigate challenges that come after the classroom. Modules include career development, personal finance, relationships, and physical and mental health. Institutions can select from more than 35 modules to build a custom course that equips students for success post-graduation.